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where there is love, there is life -ghandi

Posted: May 7, 2018 || Time:1:40pm

hello, hello everyone! im so excited to be back. alot, alot has changed in the 3 years i've been inactive... lets get started shall we? welp, as you guys might have remembered, i had a beautiful bundle of joy in 2015. let me just start off by saying, she saved me. seriously she literally is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i've grown up alot since then & im so proud of where ive come. my little girl isnt so little anymore! :c she'll be THREE in a month! can you believe it?! it feels like just yesterday i was rushing off to the hospital to have her.
i dont know, just alot of shit has happened in the last few years who have changed, and shaped me into the mother/woman i am today.
oh & i know i just keep changing topics... but how could i forget to mention that i met the most amazing man in my life. his name is jason and he is just the ying to my yang. when they say "oppisites attract" .... shit, they ain't lying. i mean, dont get me wrong... we have alot of similarities but when it comes to zen, he is the complete opposite.. which is what i needed all along. someone to come into my life and tame my ass. (lmao) he is such an amazing daddy to hayden. like honestly, i couldn't have ask for more in a man. idk guys i just am in a really good place in my life right now and i want to share the positive vibes. im so so so happy to see what is in store for siteworld 2018.

you were the light for me to find my truth

RIP Andrew Caleb Erlwein 01.27.89 | 10.10.17 <3

unfortunatly, someone very very special to me passed away last october. it was very unexpected. i was devistated. he was taken from my life with no warning, nothing. i dont know if anyone has gone through something like that.. but when i got the call, i literally couldn't breathe. i never wish that even on my worst enemy. it's a feeling i could never explain. i think my heart stopped beating. my whole world stopped spinning. one thing he always told me was how talented i was in the siteworld. he couldnt understand #1, how the hell i made signs... & #2, he would always say "who the fuck is that girl? what you just take random girls off the internet and spice up their picture with all those color things" (lol) anyways, he always told me to do what i loved. always make time for shit you love because tomorrow is never promised. and boy did he take that shit to the next level... but i don't ever want to say "i wish i would've continued the siteworld" or something along those lines... & he was right, tomorrow isn't ever promised.. so why not do something that i love for the time i'm here on this earth?
anyways, i miss you andrew. i'll continue to make you proud. i promise.